easy and quick installation

Installation is quick and easy. It does not require any drilling and damage to the wall is very minimal.
All you need is a hammer (level tool is also recommended).
Just follow these simple steps:



Start from the bottom of your headboard (start from the top only if your headboard reaches up to the ceiling). Centre the panels with your bed and ensure the amount of space between the panel and the bed is the same on each side:

If your headboard has an odd number of columns, place the first column of panels in the middle of your mattress, in order to align your headboard.

If your headboard has an even number of panels, place your panel on either side of the mattress centre, so that the centre of your mattress and the edge of the panel align.



Place your panel in the approximate position you want to hang it. You may want to use a level tool to ensure the panel is levelled correctly. Press the top corners of the frame so the positioning points on the hangers
make a mark on your wall.



Insert the support pins into the wall where you've made your marks.



Hang your frame on the support pins and adjust in any directions.
Continue steps 2-5 for the rest of the panels.

Please note that this method will not work for wall material harder than drywall (concrete, brick etc.). For these
type of walls, pre-drilling small pilot holes or an alternative solution will be required.